The Qualities ToLook For IN Air Cargo Ball Decks

One of the most challenging parts of managing the operations of an airport or air cargo facility is making sure that boxes and luggage get to the proper gate as quickly as possible. Rather than relying solely on manual labor, many plants are using Air Cargo Ball Decks to help them easily transfer items between buildings. Not only does it reduce the amount of manual labor needed to move cargo, but it also reduces the chance of employees becoming injured due to lifting too much weight improperly. Here are the top characteristics to look for in a commercial cargo deck.

Weep Holes

As items pass over the ball bearings that make up a deck, they will leave behind dust and other debris. Cargo balls that are fitted with weep holes will allow these contaminants to fall out of the ball bearing housing, which prevents the item from becoming clogged. Weep holes help to keep a bearings operation smooth and expand their overall lifespan.

Load Capacity

The weight of an item being transported can be distrusted to as many as 20 bearings while it is being moved, but each bearing should have an adequate load capacity to prevent issues and the onset of damage to the deck system. Most manufacturers recommend a weight capacity of 100 pounds per unit, which will allow an organization to move the heaviest of items with ease.

Angled Mounting Capabilities

A cargo deck is designed to run through a variety of buildings, and in some circumstances, it may need to be angled to provide access to an adjacent facility. Be sure to use bearings that are capable of being installed at an angle, as inferior products can cause items to become hung on angled decks and lead to a transport system that doesn’t provide reliable results.

When it comes to ball bearings, one of the most trusted names is Hudson Bearing Company. They are a leading manufacturer of bearing products, and their cargo balls are used in more airports and shipping facilities than any other brand. Check out their website to learn more and discover the benefits of using quality bearing products.

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