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Before a bank or other financial lenders give you a loan, they view for your credit using the credit inquiries. Credit inquiries reduces your fisco score. When your credit score is low; it becomes difficult to acquire loans. There are ways on how to delete inquiries from your credit report before the usual time of 2 years. Do not mind the information in the account. It is important to verify the item first.

Credit inquiries is made up of two types. Soft inquiry if the first type. This type of inquiry has no negative impact on your credit report. An example of soft inquiry is when you or an institution asks for your credit report from the credit bureaus. Hard inquiry is the next one. Your credit scores are lowered by hard inquiries on your credit report. Getting loans and credit cards from financial lenders is not easy with a lot of hard inquiries in your credit report. It is vital to know how to remove inquiries from your credit report before applying for a loan.

The first thing to do to remove your credit inquiries is to request your credit reports from the bureaus and keenly assess each item. You should confirm the hard and the soft inquiries. The next step is questioning the reports when you find a problem with you credit inquiries. A letter of dispute is then written to the bureau after knowing which item is affecting your credit score negatively. The bureau will investigate the item when they get the dispute letter. Make sure you send the letter of dispute using a mail that has been registered to get a delivery feedback. You will use the delivery mail as proof in court in case the bureau fails to respond to your grievances. It is the requirement by law that the bureaus must investigate and remove inaccurate or items that cannot be verified.

Learning to remove credit inquiries is not hard. Avoid paying expensively to a company that claim to improve your credit scores by repairing your credit report. With some few learning, you can get your credit card fixed.

If you have difficulties writing a credit dispute letter to remove inquiries from your credit report you can use the internet. You can improve your credit score by downloading a credit repair guide from the internet. The guide will help you clear the credit inquiries. Credit repair companies have professionals who are specialized in credit repair, seek their help also. This will save you the time and energy of directly dealing with the lenders.

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