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Six Must-Have Features for Your Business Phone System If you want your business to succeed, you must invest in quality communication. When choosing a phone system, there are some things you should consider. One of the major factors you should consider is the type of features you expect to have. A phone system is only as good as the features it has to offer. Below are six impressive features that you should definitely have for your business phone system. Answering Machine Nearly all telephone systems have the feature of voicemail. Nonetheless, these features are different depending on a provider. Some features of voicemail will grant you access to your voice messages regardless of where you are. Regardless of whether you are using the phone itself or a voicemail system, which is remote, you will still be able to access messages from whichever place. Telephone Conferencing This particular feature enables you to use more than one extension to connect to several people. When buying a phone system with this feature, it is important to know the maximum number of lines it can connect to at a given time. Something else you should do, is check the quality of sound in the speaker to confirm whether calls can be heard.
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Automated Attendant If you find yourself busy or possibly not having the right budget to start a call center solution, then this is exactly what you need. If you don’t have one of these I’m today’s world, your business might be termed as unprofessional. The feature is simply a virtual receptionist. It can convey loads of information and instructions that relate to your business.
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Call Screening Business people are often busy and might not have ample time to answer all their inbound calls. This feature is very efficient because it allows you to choose how to handle each call that comes through. You can differentiate between casual and business calls, just by looking at the caller ID. Besides, using this feature enables you to determine which calls should be responded to first. Nevertheless, it is always good to note that it is never a bright idea to have your business number being used for other non-related matters. On Hold Music A research by the telemarketing magazine revealed that 80% of callers are normally put on hold. The research also showed that 60 % of them tend to hang up if they experience silence. Playing musing in the background, in most cases encourages the caller to remain on the line. You can also keep them on hold using messages instead of utter silence. Call Forwarding Feature This feature allows inbound calls to be forwarded to another phone such as a mobile phone, or to another office phone, instead of going unanswered.There are some phone systems that make use of the hunt group method, which forwards the call to a sequence of registered numbers until it is answered. It is clear that phone systems have a variety of features. It is your responsibility to research and pinpoint the features your business needs the most. However, there is no law against having all of them if possible.

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