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Rubber Surfaces for Playgrounds Offer Safety and More!

Recently, many parks, daycare centers and private schools are beginning to use poured in place flooring. Two materials, recycled rubber and polyurethane are what the 2-layer system are comprised of. Just prior to application, the two materials are merged. The thickness of the surface can be customized to be applied to both commercial or residential playgrounds and meet safety requirements.

Why would people choose poured in place flooring? Compared to rubber flooring, traditional playground flooring options like sand or wood chips have two main problems. Both of these traditional surfaces do not keep level after use and can lead to tripping hazards. Also, costly replenishing for materials like sand or mulch can outweigh the benefit of the playground surface. Rain and snow can also create a large mess with these surfaces. Water does not effect rubber safety flooring to allow playtime even when it is rainy outside. This surface also is a great option for playgrounds that will need to accommodate people with special needs.

Rubber flooring allows many possibilities when designing the playground. No matter your needs, rubber flooring can be fully customized even down to the color. Adding a school logo or sport field lines is very simple on a rubber surface. Your unique surface is still going to be seamless and smooth even if it is customized. Ultimately, the safest surface to use will be rubber safety flooring.
A 10-Point Plan for Equipment (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Poured in place flooring contractors will all follow the ATSM safety standards when they install your new rubber surface. To complete the whole process, the installers will need to be fully trained and experienced. A certified installer is your only option. You can find many different companies that specialize only in rubber surfaces and have the experience needed for installation. A Head Impact Safety Analysis test will be performed by trained contractors who also have specialized equipment. You need to take safety seriously and only hire the best contractor for your new and unique rubber surface on your residential or commercial playground.
Looking On The Bright Side of Playgrounds

The added safety of a poured in place surface is what is making this flooring choice the top choice for schools and daycares. The unique and customizable rubber surface also offers a much more safe area for play. The additional cost of a rubber surface is worth it because of the added benefits of safety and customization.

The rubber surface that is installed by an experienced installer will last for many years to come as well as increase safety at your establishment Do not go another year with an outdated playground surface, upgrade to a poured in place rubber floor through an experienced contractor.

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