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Types of Projectors And The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Projectors

Projectors are the tools we use in education, business, entertainment and so on. By using the data cable tool and Power Supply. Once you understand the projector you need to know also the types that projector has. If you want to buy more projector just visit Ceiling Mount Projector UK.

The projector is divided into 2 versions including an electronic projector and a transparency projector.

Electronic projectors also have several types, including:

Digital projectors, the workings of digital projectors is to convert images directly from our computer to the projector with the existing lens.

LCD projector, how it works by refracting the result light from LCD panels.

The CRT projector, this projector still uses tubes like the TV of a bygone era.

DLP projector, the faster light produced on Color Filter is shaped like a wheel and the colors received by the Color filter are given to Digital Micro mirror Devices (DMD) and the latter will be reflected to produce our data.

The LCOS projector, this electronic projector at the very back, but the way it works is great by combining two ways the projector works, including LCD projectors and DLP projectors, as well as the higher resolution it produces.

The transparency projector has the following types:

Movie projector

Slide Projector has a good function that is to reflect a positive image.

Overhead Projector (OHP)

Lantern Projector

Magic Later Projector

Enlarger Projector

That’s some kind of projector, very different, is not it? That’s the advantage. Below I will explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of the projector:

CRT projectors, advantages: sharper colors, have a flexible monitor resolution, easy to care and can be in the Service and affordable afford able prices. Disadvantages: electricity output is relatively high, the amount of radiation is removed, large size and load that has enough weight.

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