Posted on Dec 24, 2017

Save Money on HP Ink Cartridges

Using cartridges that are designed for the specific machinery in the office is recommended. Manufacturers maintain the maximum productivity and efficiency will be realized when replacement toners and cartridges bare the same name as the machine. Lexmark manufacturers cartridges for the machinery they make. A Hewlett Packard printer, scanner, copier, or fax machine should be operated with hp ink cartridges.


Not all businesses that utilize copiers and other office equipment have the resources to keep name brand refill cartridges in all the machines. They will resort to bargain brands or generic products to save money. The results may not be the same quality, but supply costs are lower.

Lack of inventory is also a barrier to using top of the line products. Physical stores have display and storage limitations, which means all products will not be in stock when needed. Sometimes only a few replacement cartridges are left on the shelves. That is not ideal for a larger office building.

Buying in Bulk

Ordering consumable office supplies in bulk will save the business money, as well as time. The price per item is lower when purchased by the case, so total costs are drastically reduced. Free delivery will save time and ensure supplies are on location when needed. That allows the office professionals to be more productive.

Online Pricing Saves Even More

The low overhead costs of operating an E commerce website are minimal so pricing is lower than it is at physical stores. Large volume sales also reduce costs. Top brand products can be purchased at better pricing than bargain brands at a regular store. That eliminates one barrier for small and medium size businesses.

Massive inventory is easier to maintain for online distributors so there are no issues of desired items being unavailable at the time of ordering. The second barrier to using manufacturer recommended products is also eliminated.

Online ordering is cost-effective and simple. Owners will want to compare websites to get the best deals and customer service. Finding one that offers a wide variety of machines, supplies, software, hardware, and accessories will add to the time and money savings.