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What is the Basic Process of 3D Printing? The processes that used to synthesize a three dimensional object with its successive layers of material lead to the formation or creation of an object under computer control is called 3D printing, also known as AM or additive manufacturing. After the domination of production line assembly, it is claimed that 3d printing succeeded as the beginning of a third industrial revolution. Another simple definition of 3d printing or additive manufacturing, is that it is a process that makes three dimensional solid objects with the use of a digital file. A 3D printed object is created by an additive process wherein the object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is formed. The object is created by layers of thinly sliced horizontal cross section. In order to create the object, you can start your 3D printing process by making a virtual design of the item you like to develop. A computer aided design file is an example of a virtual design, that uses 3D scanner that produces the 3D digital copy of the object to be formed. Various technologies are used by 3D scanners, for example time of flight, structured or modulated light, volumetric scanning, and so on. Recently, there are famous companies that enabled their hardware to perform 3D scanning. It is envisioned that future models of smart phones could have integrated 3D scanners. Currently, 3D scanners are offered from the expensive professional industrial device to a low cost DIY scanner that can be done at home.
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There are also different forms of 3D modelling software. One form of software is the industrial grade software that you have to spend for thousands every year per license. Another example of the form is a free open source software that accompanies a tutorial video for beginners
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Those who would like to start with 3D printing have to ask themselves whether it is the hardware that he or she is interested, or is it the creation of the object. There are 3D printers for beginners that are created to help buyers decide when choosing a pre-assembled 3D printer or a 3D printer kit. If you have limited budget but wants to learn 3D printing, you can start with a cheap 3D printer kit to start with. 3D printers do not necessarily use the same technology. The two most common technologies are the selective laser sintering or SLS and the fused deposition modelling or FDM. Another common technology is the stereolithography or SLA. Rapid prototyping, architectural scale models, healthcare and entertainment are some areas where 3D applications can be further used. Other coverage of 3D printing would involve areas in pathology, paleontology, archaeology, and in crime scene investigations.

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