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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Surfing the Dark Web

The dark web or net, as the term implies, is something you use online to hide or conceal an internet or web activity, the idea of which is to make sure no one knows what you’re really doing. Yes, there is no denying that the dark web community is becoming a haven for many illegal activities, but one can’t also deny the fact that it helps so many internet users out there.

Because there always is a possibility that you will be caught red-handed while using the deep web, it makes perfect sense to learn what the common mistakes are and in the process figuring out how to avoid making them.

First things first, you have to know that most law enforcement agencies are clueless as to where or how to locate darknet sites because of the use of all sorts of software to make them anonymous. But then again, you still shouldn’t be overly confident about it because you just could end up revealing stuff about you using the dark net via traditional online communities like forums, blogs, and social media.
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Another mistake you likely are going to make is posting photos and leaving metadata in them. Authorities can get enough information from them to work on a case against you using the dark net.
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Moreover, many users out there don’t realize that even if darknet markets are secure in general, there still is a possibility of getting trapped when using surface websites from time to time. A very dumb way of committing this type of mistake is by appearing to be very cautious about revealing your identity online by using VPN, only to forget later on that you actually entered your real address on Google Map. By making this rather silly mistake, you apparently handed Google traceable information about your location, which later can be used to track you.

Next, if you plan on shopping for whatever kind of product via dark web and you intend to use bitcoins, remember that you also become very prone to revealing your identity. The reason for this vulnerability is the fact that any transaction that uses bitcoin to purchase something will be deemed as part of public records. Hence, there always is access to everyone who wants to see who the parties are in that transaction.

Lastly, perhaps the dumbest mistake you’re about to make when doing stuff over the dark web, more particularly buying things, is trusting everyone you meet and communicate with. Don’t get us wrong because we’re not saying every person you meet online has bad intentions; it’s just that you never can fully trust someone you never met personally. So the best thing you can do is build some kind of rapport first and learn as much as you can before you make any commitment to either buying something or revealing your information.

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