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How Artificial Intelligence Will Advance the Construction Industry

The concept of Artificial Intelligence used to be just part of the “futuristic” plan, but as technology continues to develop, we have finally reached the point where AI is becoming one of the most important technological innovations that could help us advance even more.

In the construction industry, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, job sites become more secure and efficient.

That said, allow us to discuss further how artificial intelligence will continue to affect the job site positively.

The State of AI in Engineering and Construction

Although the construction industry is gradually embracing technology, the use of AI within the job site is quite rare. However, there are plenty of startups that are slowly gaining market traction and attention for their AI-focused strategies. Here are some of the few examples of that:

With the help of artificial intelligence, it has become possible for project schedule optimizers to evaluate millions of alternatives for project delivery, allowing them to continually improve their overall project planning, without risking any of their investments.

Additionally, enhanced analytics platforms can collect and analyze data sensors to understand patterns and signals that would allow them to come up with real-time solutions, secure the area, cut down costs, and be prepared for unplanned downtime.

Indeed, the construction industry could enjoy long-term benefits as it utilizes additional AI and machine learning technologies to complete a project. Even the New York Times has told the public that technology, like smart traffic cones, are making the lives of individuals and professionals more efficient, and the construction industry is one of the few sectors to enjoy this change.

The Design and Planning Phase Becomes More Efficient and Accurate

In a construction project, the design and planning phase is one of the most critical steps in a construction process. However, the problem with this is that it can be quite time-consuming as it requires months, sometimes even years, of preparation.

Meticulous attention to detail, as well as training of the entire team of engineers, architects, and construction professionals,  are also necessary. Artificial Intelligence, together with machine learning technology, could help in improving the entire process. This would result in a more accurate, verified, and well-designed plan.

Aside from that, the advancements brought by AI could also help project managers and architectural consultants in forecasting and scheduling without the need to sacrifice a lot of time, because everything would be handled by AI technology.

Research and trials can also be conducted quickly, allowing them to further leverage the project. For project and site safety, AI could improve the capabilities of the heavy-duty machine, just like in site surveying, which would ensure the safety of the workers.

As the construction industry continues to move forward to increase on-site productivity and safety, there’s no doubt that more construction companies would turn toward AI and machine learning applications to get the job done efficiently.

The wonderful thing about these tools is that they offer short-term and long-term benefits for everyone to enjoy– not only the company, but the workers, and projects as well. Real-time data and asset monitoring are a great way to get real-time updates regarding the project and perform modifications whenever necessary.

AI-assisted design and planning, as well as predictive maintenance for construction fleets and equipment, are just some of the applications that utilize AI.

These practical applications are also now being utilized by construction firms across various projects and applications. As they continue to take steps toward modernization, the more that we can expect that the construction world would greatly benefit from AI in the long run.

What the Future Holds for Autodesk

One of the first AI products used in the construction industry would be the BIM 360 IQ, and this innovation continues to help in building applications that focus on the challenges faced in the construction world when it comes to quality and safety.

The people behind this aspire to take a similar approach to project management and utilize AI to improve the overall process.

Data Platform

In the construction industry, there are some technology vendors that provide practical solutions that construction companies can use. Most of which are AI-based solutions that allow third-party integration. Through this, construction companies gain the ability to bring all their data into one platform.

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