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Advantages of using a page vs. a Facebook profile

There is something that personally annoys me when I click on the Facebook link for a new brand / venture and I see that it is a profile instead of a fan page. Why does it bother me so much? Here I detail a number of benefits of having a fan page. But actually, if you have a facebook account, you must need more “likes” in your facebook’s post if you want to be famous, and don’t worry, because now you can Buy facebook post likes everywhere.

All the energy and dedication you put into creating this new venture, loses points and professionalism when you get to your Facebook page and you must request your friendship to see their news. Immediately I think that brand is amateur. Not only facebook post like that you need, you have to also Buy Facebook video views to increase your views result in your Facebook’s video.

We do not want to be friends of brands, we simply want to follow your news and keep up to date with your news.

We do not want to share our photos or personal stories.

If I am a new entrepreneur what suits me?

A page is ideal to represent a brand or venture on Facebook. Why? Here are the 11 main advantages:

The number of friends in a profile is limited, but a fan page, you can have “like” unlimited.

Fan pages are indexed, which means that some content you publish there will also. As an entrepreneur, you will want to appear in the search engines.

In a Fan Page, your fans will be able to tag you, however if you have a profile, only friends can do it. You will definitely want to have the option of your fans tagging you, since more people will know you.

Fan Page includes statistics. You can analyze the scope of a publication, which will allow you to analyze if your message is well focused on your audience, among other things. These are some of the statistics that show a Fan Page, you would be missing out if you used a personal profile for your brand.

Facebook Stats

It is very common to see competitions on Facebook. You will not be able to do it if you have a personal profile since the function is not available. The contests generate the much-desired celebrity engagement, which in turn has a viral effect, as fans will share the information. Equal, be careful with this tool … it will be imperative to know our objectives when making the contest. Do you want to promote a new product?

Do you want to grow your “I like”?

In a Fan Page, you have the possibility to generate advertisements and / or promote your site. Another important option that you would be missing if you used a personal profile.


In a Fan Page, you can choose the number of people who will have access to your Fan Page, avoiding giving the password to several people. Not only will you give access to your Fan Page, but through the option of managing administrators, you can grant different permissions for each person, whether administrator, content creator, moderator, advertiser or statistics analyst. Here you will be able to the different profiles and permissions that you can assign to the administrators.

By having a Fan Page, you give your fans the ability to check in on where they are. As long as your business / brand has a physical place. You will always want your fans to interact with your brand.

By having a Fan Page, you can show your fans the other pages you like. These must be brands with which you are related or have a public similar to yours.

The feed is the foundation of social media marketing. If you have a Fan Page that you update regularly, you will be seen in the news of your fans. When they interact with your brand and your posts, it will appear on your friends’ news. This is key to winning new fans.

Comment on your brand in Fan Pages related to your business. By doing so, you’ll be increasing exposure of your brand and generating conversations with a new audience.

I already have a profile made, can I convert it to a page?

In Facebook words:

When you convert a personal account to a page, an account will be created to manage the page. Facebook would transfer your profile photo and add all your friends and followers as people who like your page.

Your user will be transformed into the user of the page, and your name will be the name of the page. If you want the page to have a new one, consider creating a new page. No content will be migrated, so be sure to keep a backup of what you need from your profile.

Once you are ready to move forward, you can begin the migration process from here.

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