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How to Lighten Knees Using Home-Made Therapies First of all, dark knees are not a medical issue–you need not see your dermatologist about it. Having said that, any dark patch on your knees may be a concern if the remainder of your skin is lighter, and you desire to flaunt your attractive legs. Thus, when you have this aesthetic concern, the happy news is that there are therapies you can concoct at home and address it. Below is how to deal with dark knees at home: Use Vaseline
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Using a chickpea paste and water solution, wash your dark knees. Place a coat of chickpea paste on the knees, letting it dry. If the coat has dried, use cold water to remove it. Next, dry the knees, but while they’re vaguely wet, use a dollop of Vaseline to spread it on them. Apply Vaseline in plenty over your knees and use bandages to wrap them. The Vaseline remedy may be administered daily just before going to bed.
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Baking Soda Treatment Baking soda is also a therapy for dark knees that you may prepare without having to leave your home. At times, knees grow darker due to the buildup of dead skin cells on these parts of the body. Typically, the dead cells interact with oxygen in the air if not dealt with, eventually turning dark. Fortunately, baking soda is a superb organic substance you may scrub on dark knees to lighten them. Used every day, baking soda paste may eliminate the dead and flaky skin which has become dark. The paste is made with baking soda and water. To start your baking soda paste treatment, apply it on your knees, and allow it stay intact for about 5 minutes. Now, get your hands wet and scrub them on each knee that has baking soda paste on it. Continue to scrub your knees until 7 to 10 minutes or longer. If you’ve scrubbed your knees sufficiently, you can now cleanup and eliminate the baking soda paste with water. You may swab the knees dry with a towel. However, ensure to apply moisturizing cream in significant amounts on the knees just before they’re 100% dry. That’s generally the complete first doze of baking soda paste treatment for brightening dark knees. This has to be administered every day for 14 days. Because the scrub aims at helping clear off the dead skin cells that amass and cause your knees to darken, you ought to recognize substantial brightening by completion of the two-week dosage. In case you’ve been researching on how to lighten knees, today you have a remedy in organic treatments such as baking soda paste and Vaseline. You may then proudly flaunt your nice legs!

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