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8 Easy Tips for Take a Picture With iPhone Camera

Although the resolution is limited, Apple still puts a quality camera on his iPhone. To optimize the iPhone camera to make the photos more satisfying for the user, Apple also took a number of photographers to provide camera photography tips on the latest iPhone series, ranging from iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, and 7 Plus.

Cupertino origin company claims, a number of features embedded in the camera can maximize the quality of photos better. As for them such as High Dynamic Range (HDR), exposure, and much more.

7 tips to take pictures with the iPhone camera for extraordinary results, here’s how:

  1. Taking photos backlight does require special tricks. Well, in the iPhone is quite easy way. You just need to turn on HDR to turn on the highlight and shadow brighter. Tap the object you want to photograph and hold for a moment, set the lighting (do: scroll up or down) as you wish. Voila! Automatically the object will be brighter.
  2. Taking panoramic photos via iPhone is not time consuming. It’s easy, go to the iPhone camera app, switch to Pano mode, tap to shoot the scene and slowly move your iPhone device from left to right.
  3. Close the camera with the subject you want to photograph to produce a more detailed picture. Try to minimize the background (background) to cut the interference of the subject you want to photograph.
  4. Try to find the shade, try to keep the Sun behind the subject that you photograph to produce natural light.
  5. Lower the exposure setting to make the image look more cinematic.
  6. Special iPhone 7 Plus: When about to shoot animals, be sure to give them a little space to move. If you use portrait mode, use a telephoto lens so you can get the best results when the subject (animal) is not moving.
  7. Widespread soft lighting will make the subject of your photo more prominent.
  8. Finally, find the location of the photo is not too crowded, to avoid others into the narrow frame.

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