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Select the Best Koi Fish to Buy

The Koi is one of the most desired freshwater fish species. The fish is originally bred in Japan and can be kept for commercial purposes or as a hobby. Before purchasing Koi, you should find out where it came from. To ensure newly-arrived Koi do not get sick, a farmer is supposed to quarantine them. You can find the right Koi to buy by following the tips below.

Find Out the Fish Background
Find out the history of the Koi you would like to buy. Ask the seller about where the fish came from, how they have been maintained and their transportation to the current location. Koi fish have to be put under quarantine for three weeks when they are first brought into the farm. It is also important for the pond where the fish are kept to be heated up to 73 degrees F.

Choose Aesthetically Pleasing Fish
It is important to select Koi fish that look good. Koi fish are available in a number of patternations and colors. Choose those fish that make you excited. Ensure the marking and color of the fish is precise and clear. If you are purchasing Koi fish that have not yet matured, keep in mind that their color may change as they grow.

Check the Fish
It is important to inspect the particular fish you would like to buy. This will ensure you get high quality and health species. A health Koi fish will be alert and curious, exploring its environment. On the other hand, an unhealthy Koi fish will mostly be sitting at the bottom of the tank. Before buying Koi fish, watch it for a few minutes to determine whether it is healthy. In particular, check whether the fish is healthy by checking its movement when swimming. A healthy Koi should remain upright when swimming.

What Size Should You Choose?
When you want to buy Koi fish, it is also important to consider its size. Check the difference in size between the ones you already have and those which you may want to buy. Remember, Koi fish can have large appetite and will eat nearly anything that fits in their mouth. Thus, you should keep the fish in a reasonably sized tank. Avoid tanks that will be too big or too small for the fish you will be keeping.

Consider the Fish Quality
Finally, check the quality of the Koi fish you want to buy. Whether you will be adding the Koi to your collection or breed them for selling, you should choose high quality ones. When it comes to keeping Koi, quality is more important than quantity.

The above are some things to consider when buying Koi fish.
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